The National Neurology Patient Experience Survey showed that more than half of the respondents with ataxia felt that their mental wellbeing needs were not being met and over two-thirds were not asked about their mental wellbeing by health or social care professionals. We have gathered resources on mental health for you to have a look at or share with those that need it.

Effect of ataxia on mental health – Q&A

Research news article reporting on a scientific study investigating the impact of depression on patients with Friedreich's ataxia

Living with a rare condition: the effect on mental health

Addressing loneliness in disabled people

Other sources of mental health resources

We also have support groups across the country as well as a variety of online support networks

Ataxia UK are here to offer support, information and advice to anyone affected by ataxia. You can call Ataxia UK's helpline on 0845 644 0606. Opening hours are 10.30-2.30Monday to Thursday. The helpline is closed on Fridays. You can also email us at [email protected]