Renowned magician and Britain's Got Talent star Jamie Raven has become a patron for Ataxia UK. 

Jamie rose to prominence back in 2015 when he finished as the runner up on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, wowing millions along the way with his logic defying magical skills and prompting Simon Cowell to announce, “I now actually believe in magic”.

Jamie first became aware of Ataxia UK when his friend and colleague, Jayne, who has first-hand experience of ataxia through her family, told him how the condition affects people and what we do to support them.

“It was my pleasure to meet with Harriet Bonney (Chairman of Trustees) and Sue Millman (CEO), to learn more about ataxia and how so many incredible people are doing so much incredible work in carrying on the fight. It is my privilege to pledge my full support and do whatever I can to help.”

It's magic to have Jamie on board!