Ataxia and COVID-19 - Ataxia UK and their Medical Advisory Panel are interested in understanding whether there is a long-term impact of contracting COVID-19 on patients with ataxia, to provide a focus for future care. We hope to hear from anyone with ataxia that had confirmed or suspected COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) since 1st March 2020, and has recovered (by ‘recovered’ we mean feeling that you have recovered or largely recovered from most COVID-19 symptoms). For more information, and to complete the survey click here. This survey will remain open until 23 November 2020.


Project Euphonia - recording speech samples to improve voice recognition software for people with dysarthria (speech that is difficult to understand). Part of Google's AI for Social Good programme.


Research Survey: For people with a diagnosis of superficial siderosis (infratentorial, also known as superficial siderosis of the central nervous system). A research team from UCL have set up an online survey looking to determine the overall quality of life in this condition and how it may be further impacted by hearing loss. See more information here. The survey will remain open until 31st July 2021.