The Florence Nightingale Aid in sickness Trust provides funding towards medical equipment for children and adults of all ages affected by a disability or long-term illness.

Grants considered by the trust are:-

Medical aids, specialist beds, electrics and manual wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, power packs, mobile hoists, riser/recliner chairs, sensory equipment, communication aids, computers, specialist software, fridges for the storage for medication, washing machines if the client is incontinent, microwaves for a client who is unable to cook on a standard cooker and freezers for bulk buying. 

Grants are also considered towards respite breaks by paying for the sick person to stay in a nursing home or hospice, giving their carer at home a well-earned rest. Convalescent breaks in a nursing home or convalescent home following a stay in hospital are also considered. 

Applications should be referred to the Trust by a third party: Ataxia UK.

Please fill out the attached Application Form and send it electronically to [email protected] or in the post to our address at the bottom of the page.