Down by the Riverside Festival is an exciting new arts, music and outdoor theatre festival launching this year. In its lead up, the organisers are hosting a “Butterfly Jewel” treasure hunt in Lancashire which offers myth, mystery, history and heritage to all who get involved.

Participants of the hunt must go on a quest to find a stunning jewel. In order to succeed, they will first have to solve clues from six paintings created by a local artist. These clues will lead participants to some of the most magical places in Lancashire. 

Once at each location, participants will find a small box containing two digits. Collecting all 12 digits will enable the participant to solve the master riddle, and win the £5000 jewel encrusted butterfly!

The organisers of the Butterfly Hunt have chosen Ataxia UK as one of the charities they’ll donate its earnings to, so why not take part? Tickets are on sale now! To find out more information and take part, please visit the website: The Butterfly Hunt!