Ataxia UK provides funding for innovative and relevant research on the ataxias. Read below to discover more about the application process. A list of current and recently funded projects can be seen here. Ataxia UK have also passed the 2015 peer review audit by the Association of Medical Research Charities, of which we are a member.

Apply for funding

The application process

Ataxia UK hold two rounds of preliminary applications for funding each year in June and October. All applicants are encouraged to contact the Head of Research, Dr Julie Greenfield ([email protected]), before submitting a proposal.

The last deadline for preliminary applications was Friday 26 June 2020. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the process is expected to take slightly longer than usual. We expect the deadline for full applications will be September, and a decision will be reached in February 2021.

We expect the next preliminary grant application deadline to be February 2021. Please check back for details of future deadlines.

We consider a variety of proposals, including:

  • research projects
  • PhD studentships
  • research fellowships
  • travel awards for researchers or students presenting at conferences
  • satellite meetings at major Symposia of other organisations dealing with related disorders, as a way of raising awareness and enhancing collaboration with researchers in these disciplines
  • small grants for research projects (less than £5000)

Selection process

We ask applicants to submit a preliminary proposal (i.e. a one page summary of research). Ataxia UK’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) review the proposals we receive, and decide which applicants should submit a full application.

Selected applicants complete our application form (seen below). Their research projects are then peer reviewed and assessed by the SAC, who decide to whom the grant should be awarded. You can view the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and terms of reference here.

Application forms

We have specific applications forms for certain types of projects. Please see our list of them below. For more information about how to apply, see the guidance document for researchers.

Further information

See where our research goes: Researchfish