Alison Love spent 20 years living and working in Lancaster, returning ‘home’ several years ago to Renfrewshire, Scotland where she lives independently. She was diagnosed in 1996 with Friedreich’s ataxia and uses a wheelchair all the time. She is active in a number of disability-related groups, campaigns and initiatives representing Ataxia UK in Scotland, including Neurological Voices, Neurological Alliance of Scotland, National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions and The ALLIANCE -Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

Alison is also chairman of the Ataxia UK West of Scotland Branch and works with Renfrewshire Disability Arts Forum and Renfrewshire Sports Development Committee to provide art and sporting opportunities for disabled people. She enjoys going to different places and meeting different people and spending time with friends and family. She has taken part in lots of different activities and will try doing most things at least once to see if they are fun.