Downloadable documents, leaflets and resources for support and services from Ataxia UK

Great to share with someone who's newly diagnosed, a parent of someone with ataxia, or anyone who feels a bit stuck. 

Ataxia UK videos

Download a list of videos we have on our YouTube channel and see what a variety of topics we cover. You can see and read more about our videos here.

Ataxia Online

Read all about the support services we provide online. You can find out more about our online support here.

Ataxia UK Annual Conference

Download slides from 2018's Annual Conference: our "best yet."

16-30's leaflet

Read an introduction to the 16-30's Project, what is offers and who it's for. You can read more about the project on our 16-30's website.

Ataxia: a Parents' Guide

An A5 booklet to assist parents in supporting their child with ataxia (soon to be updated)