As part of our online support network, we have created an Ataxia UK blog: Your Blog. Here you’ll find advice, information and inspirational stories from various Friends and supporters of the charity, as well as blogs from our wonderful fundraisers and reflections on living life with ataxia.

Click here to read 'Your Blog,' a blog written by our Friends and supporters.

If you want to get in touch with us about sharing your story or advice with the ataxia community, email Jess Lewis at [email protected].

Our Friends' blogs

Many of our Friends run their own blogs about ataxia, detailing their journey with the condition. Here are some of them!

Wendy's Is This the Wheel Life?

Wendy discusses her experiences in dealing with the public perceptions and societal limitations that impact her life with ataxia: "the reality of disability in modern Britain," including how to plan a wedding when you have ataxia. Great for: well-written prose and reflections on life as someone with ataxia.

Iain's Kilted Walker

Follow Iain as he walks ... pretty much everywhere around the world in his kilt! Iain has worked hard to get into every local newspaper he can along the way, raising awareness of his condition, and fundraising as he goes. Great for: fundraising inspiration and taking control.

Amanda's Boy Number Two and Me

Amanda is the mother of Sebastian, aged six, who has episodic ataxia. Her blog discusses her personal experiences in caring for a child who has additional needs. Great for: parents of children with ataxia.

Arran's Eleanor Creative Blog

Read Arran's professional blog about running her own Creative Marketing company after receiving her SCA6 diagnosis. Great for: people with ataxia wanting to read about employment, and taking control.