Our Welsh Conference takes place on Saturday 29 June 2019 in Cardiff, and will be packed full of events tailored to our Welsh delegates. Read below to discover more, book your tickets from 8 February and apply for a bursary.


The Future Inn, Hemingway Rd, Cardiff CF10 4AU

What’s in store?

Alastair Wilkins, a Bristol based neurologist with expertise in the ataxias will be coming for the Doctors Q&A, and our Head of Research, Dr Julie Greenfield, will provide a research update. We hope Emma Hughes, the Welsh representative of Genetic Alliance, will tell us about their rare disease work in Wales.

Registration opens at 9.30am; the conference runs from 10.00-5.00pm with lunch provided.

In the afternoon, people will also be sharing their tips on coping with ataxia in our ‘It Works for Me’ sessions. If you’re affected by a recent diagnosis, come to learn more about the condition in our ‘All About Ataxia’ breakout. We also hope to offer massage sessions.

We aren’t planning to host a children’s event or a Conference Dinner, although if there are a number of people staying overnight on Friday evening, we can arrange to eat together.

The full programme


Registration & Coffee


Welcome & introduction to the day

Dr Harriet Bonney, Chairman, Ataxia UK


Why we are here

Sue Millman, Chief Executive, Ataxia UK


Working in Wales for people with Neurological Conditions

Ana Palezon, Chair Welsh Neurological Alliance.


It Works for Me

Ceri Pepper


Welsh Rare Disease Strategy & the work of Genetic Alliance UK & Rare Disease UK in Wales

Emma Hughes; Policy & Engagement Manager (Wales), Genetic Alliance UK & Rare Disease UK






Justyna Wyszynska

Learn About Ataxia

Join Sue Millman and Harriet Bonney as they present information videos made by Ataxia UK with Sheffield Ataxia Centre explaining the impact of ataxia.

Maintaining mental wellbeing

Hannah Carter, Gofal. Gofal is a leading Welsh mental health and wellbeing charity. Explore what wellbeing means to you and others. Learn about simple wellbeing activities you can do in your everyday life to help improve emotional health.

'Rare Resources'

(for people from Wales)

Emma Hughes; Policy & Engagement Manager for Wales, Genetic Alliance UK. Genetic Alliance UK has built a toolkit for newly diagnosed families to provide guidance on where help and support can be found in their local areas. The toolkit has been developed in Scotland and we are now adapting the toolkit to meet the needs of Welsh families affected by a rare condition. This is a chance to contribute your experience on what's available and what's needed as well as gaining an understanding of this important work.




Research Update

Dr Julie Greenfield, Head of Research, Ataxia UK


Drs Q&A

Dr Alastair Wilkins, Consultant Neurologist at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol and Reader in Neurology, University of Bristol 




Higher or Lower

A practical fundraising example!


Ataxia UK

Sue Millman, Chief Executive, Ataxia UK


It works for Us

Alice & Tim Spivey


Telling your story

Daniel Beacon, Head of Fundraising and Communications, Ataxia UK


Life in Emmerdale!

James Moore interviewed by Harriet Bonney, including Q & A with the audience


Review of the day

Harriet Bonney & Sue Millman



Our tickets cost the following. You can book your tickets through the ticket system at the bottom of the page (tickets will go on sale on 8 February). Early bird rates end on 28 May, so don't miss out!

Ticket sales will close on 20 June 2019.

Please be advised that carers/PA's will also need to purchase a ticket ('delegates without ataxia'). If you need financial assistance in affording the costs of attendance for you/and your carer or PA, you can apply for a bursary further down on this page. 


Early bird rate

Regular rate (from 28 May)

Delegates with ataxia



Delegates without ataxia





We have a limited number of bursaries to help with travel and attendance costs; applications for a bursary must be in by 20 June 2019 and are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please note that you can only be awarded one bursary per calendar year: if you’re awarded one for the Welsh Conference, you’ll be unable to apply again for October’s Annual Conference. Apply for a bursary by clicking below, or call the office to apply over the phone/request a paper form (020 7582 1444).

Click here to apply for a bursary.

Accommodation and logistics

All delegates must reserve accommodation directly with the hotel. You can ring The Future Inn on 02920 487 111. Please quote “ataxia allocation 416501" when reserving your rooms.

There are a number of adapted rooms available at the Future Inn (which also need to be reserved directly with the hotel). Adapted rooms can be reserved up to 30 days before the conference, so please book in advance if you need one.

All rooms include breakfast and VAT, and cost the following: Friday £83 (single) and £95 (double); Saturday £129 and £141 respectively. Please note that room bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the conference.

Parking at the hotel is free.

If you have any queries about the booking process or conference in general, please contact us via [email protected], or call the office. We look forward to seeing you there!

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