The Ataxia UK Annual Conference is the largest event we run in the year.

Over 200 delegates from across the UK come together at the Annual Conference to hear the latest updates about ataxia research and care; meet with neurologists and specialist healthcare professionals; discuss various aspects of the condition in workshops, talks and seminars to access information, support and advice; socialise with friends, and enjoy a dinner and a dance.

As well as our main conference for delegates, we also run a break away conference for our 16-30's group, a group of young adults who now have access to specific information to do with their age range. We take our younger delegates for a children's trip out as their parents enjoy the conference. Newly diagnosed people wanting to learn about ataxia are encouraged to attend our 'All About Ataxia' seminar held on the evening before.

Ataxia UK staff take this opportunity to learn from people with ataxia, and communicate updates from the charity.

How to attend

Bookings for the conference tend to open at the end of the summer; keep an eye on this page for updates.

Ataxia UK offers bursaries for those who may need financial assistance to attend, whether towards long-distance travel or accommodation costs.

We choose our hotels based on what adapted accommodation is available, and do our best to secure the largest number of accessible rooms for our delegates that we can.

Scottish Conference

We are also running a conference in Scotland this year, which will take place in Stirling on 23 June. You can read all about the Stirling conference here

2017's Annual Conference

Our latest conference in 2017 had the theme of 'Taking Control', inspired by Ataxia UK's new Strategic Plan, that aims to help people with ataxia feel more in control over their lives.

Download our 2017 conference agenda here

Download our 16-30's agenda here


Booking for this event has now closed.