The Lowes Down Under: David's story

David Lowe was awarded the Jerry Farr Travel Fellowship in 2016 that allowed him and his wife, Glenys, to visit Australia.Read more

Forever Yours: Jane's Story

Alan Maxwell tells us about his late wife, Jane, and her achievement in putting together her autobiography on living with ataxia, 'Forever Yours.'Read more

The Diagnosis

Deanna tells us about receiving her Friedreich's ataxia diagnosis, humorously listing the pros and cons of having the condition, and how her attitude towards life has changed since.Read more

Bex and the Exeter campaign

The Exeter Campaign: Meet Bex, the face of the Exeter campaign. Bex has long been involved with the Ataxia UK support network, starting her own Branch of the charity in Exeter eleven years ago.Read more

Phil and the Exeter campaign

The Exeter Campaign: Phil has Episodic ataxia, which can attack at any time without warning. The unpredictability of his condition has limited what he's able to do for work as well as pleasure.Read more

Beka and the Exeter campaign

The Exeter Campaign: Beka is 15 years old, and has Friedreich's ataxia. She was once an award-winning horse rider, but can no longer ride. This is her story.Read more

Former Lord Mayor of Exeter, Rachel Lyons

The Exeter Campaign: Rachel Lyons, Lord Mayor of Exeter 2013-14, was instrumental in helping Ataxia UK and the Exeter Branch to fund an awareness campaign by choosing us as her charity of the year.Read more

Seeing the world: Nigel's story

Nigel Davis was diagnosed with idiopathic spino-cerebellar ataxia (SCA with an unknown cause) at 17. He was able to manage his condition for some time, but after teaching for 19 years, he was forced to retire.Read more

Driving with ataxia: Austin's Story

Austin Fredericks was diagnosed with SCA in 2011. He's a qualified electrician, has faced prejudice by people who assume he isn’t fit to work, and has even been taken to court for ‘drunk driving' whilst sober.Read more

Student Life: Tallulah's Story

Tallulah is 19 and has Ataxia with Oculomotor Apraxia Type 2 (AOA2), one of the rarest forms of ataxia. It took a full decade to receive a diagnosis, and she's already fundraising for ataxia research.Read more

Crowdfunding for a chair: Will's story

Will Martin is 27 and was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia whilst at secondary school. Will talks to us about how ataxia has isolated him from his peers, made him deflect from education and shares his crowdfunding goals for a new wheelchair.Read more

Coming to terms with it: Frances's story

Frances was diagnosed with spino-cerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3) in 2009 at 49. Her symptoms were worsening, but she didn’t want to believe anything was wrong. Frances tells us about acceptance, the changes she has had to make for her career and how she manages her symptoms.Read more

Being a parent: Nicola's story

Nicola writes about her son Jordan, who has Friedreich’s ataxia, and her experiences as a parent of a child with the condition.Read more

Being a father with ataxia: Richard's story

Richard Brown was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia at 14. It had a devastating impact on what things he thought he could do in life. Here, Richard takes us through his thought process in becoming a parent with ataxia.Read more

My FA-mily: Laura's story

Laura Bishop is 25 and was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia ten years ago. Having dealt with the difficulty of facing the condition as a teenager and the trauma of two serious operations, Laura has come to terms with her ataxia, but is still fearful about what the future will hold…Read more

When Life Gives you Lemons, Start a Business

Arran Eleanor Rigney started a company after learning of her ataxia diagnosis. She aims to help smaller businesses get noticed through her marketing skills, as well as employing her artistic talents to sell her exclusive range of Christmas cards to raise money for Ataxia UK.Read more

Theo’s Diary – The Observations of an Indulged Cat

Lisa Murphy, author of Theo's Diary: The Observations of an Indulged Cat, tells us how writing has had a positive impact on her mental health.Read more

Around the World in a Yacht

It took almost ten years for Geoff Brown to receive his diagnosis; in that time he has become a wheelchair user and almost entirely lost his sight. Nevertheless, Geoff is still intending to follow his dreams.Read more

Thanks for the Trike

Richard Brown talks about crowdfunding for his own trike, taking his needs into his own hands.Read more

Writing The Legacy of Marie Schlau

A unique group of co-authors who have two things in common: the ability to write historical, heartfelt horror, and the desire to fundraise towards finding a cure for FA.Read more