When Life Gives you Lemons, Start a Business

Arran Eleanor Rigney started a company after learning of her ataxia diagnosis. She aims to help smaller businesses get noticed through her marketing skills, as well as employing her artistic talents to sell her exclusive range of Christmas cards to raise money for Ataxia UK.Read more

Our Friends' Blogs

A list of personal blogs, articles and thoughts that our Friends would like to share with the ataxia community.Read more

Theo’s Diary – The Observations of an Indulged Cat

Lisa Murphy, author of Theo's Diary: The Observations of an Indulged Cat, tells us how writing has had a positive impact on her mental health.Read more

Around the World in a Yacht

It took almost ten years for Geoff Brown to receive his diagnosis; in that time he has become a wheelchair user and almost entirely lost his sight. Nevertheless, Geoff is still intending to follow his dreams.Read more

Thanks for the Trike

Richard Brown knew of a certain bike that would improve his daily living, but also knew it was expensive... but that didn't stop him! Richard took his needs into his own hands by starting an online funding page.Read more

Writing The Legacy of Marie Schlau

A unique group of co-authors who have two things in common: the ability to write historical, heartfelt horror, and the desire to fundraise towards finding a cure for FA.Read more

Removing Barriers by Toyah Wordsworth

Toyah Wordsworth discusses how volunteering and employment gave her the confidence to create her own business, and a board game to help younger people become further educated about disability.Read more

My super power

Matthew Law tells us about his wheelchair (2013) and what a difference it made to his life after retirement.Read more

Wind-up merchant

Continuing Matthew Law's series on Adapting to Life advice series, here is his article from the 2013 Summer issue of the Ataxia Magazine.Read more

Something old, something new

To kick off our Friend's blog is our regular contributor to the Ataxia Magazine, Matthew Law. Matthew writes a series on advice and adaptations, and here is one of his first articles for what was then The Ataxian in 2013.Read more