On behalf of Sheffield University, we are helping to publicise a study that could help to better understand problems with walking in people with ataxia  

What is the study?

We are assessing the ability of a technique called gait analysis to detect changes over time in the way people with ataxia walk.

Who can help?

People who have been diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 (SCA-6) or an ataxia called SPG7 and can walk for 10m unaided.

What would I have to do?

Visit the clinical research facility at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. We can pay for transport. We will ask you some questions to find out how your condition affects you. We will then ask you to walk between 2 rows of sensors, which collect information on how you are walking (for example step length), for a distance of 5m. We would also like you to repeat the assessment 12 and 24 months later.

How do I get involved?

By contacting Dr Alisdair McNeill (Senior Research Fellow) on [email protected] or phone 0114 243 4343, and leave your name and contact details. This study is funded by the University of Sheffield and has full NHS ethics committee approval .