Ataxia UK believes strongly in working collaboratively and thus works in partnership with a number of ataxia organisations around the world. The ataxias are rare conditions making such collaborations particularly important in the effort towards the developments of treatments for people with ataxia.

We are an active member of euro-ataxia, the federation of ataxia charities across Europe. Our CEO, Sue Millman, is the Secretary General of euro-ataxia , which currently consists of seventeen member groups. For more information on euro-ataxia, please take a look at our leaflet.

Ataxia UK also works closely with ataxia organisations worldwide such as the two US organisations;FARA and NAF, the Italian organisation GoFAR and the Australian charity FARA-Australia. Partnerships include sharing of information and collaborating actively in research initiatives including joint funding of research projects.

In March 2015 we held a large International Ataxia Research conference for researchers in the UK and this has been a partnership with Ataxia Ireland, GoFAR and FARA to organise.