The Exeter Branch of Ataxia UK is taking their city by storm in June to shout about ataxia, raise awareness and raise funds by:

  • Hosting a medical training seminar to improve the healthcare world's recognition of ataxia in Devon and Cornwall 
  • Splashing posters over the city buses and rail platforms of Exeter’s rail stations
  • Creating and distributing print materials for GPs and clinics across both counties
  • Holding fundraising events all month
  • Being trained by BBC’s Trevor Barnes to speak to the press, radio and on television
  • Starring in a promotional film to be distributed to the press.

A YouGov poll in 2012 showed that only 10% of the UK population had heard of ataxia; our last city PR campaign brought that number up from 7%. This year, we’re going to do it in Exeter because we want to see that number rise again.

But Exeter can’t do it alone! The bigger the support, the bigger the impact… will you get on board? Help the campaign by keeping up to date with fundraising events online, donating if you can and by spreading the word. 

Trevor Barnes, Media Trainer