Cadent Therapeutics is a drug development company focused on developing therapies to improve the lives of patients with movement and cognitive disorders. Earlier this year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted an Orphan Drug Designation to CAD-1883, an investigational treatment developed by Cadent for spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA). It works by targeting calcium-activated potassium ion channels which are widely expressed in the nervous system and are involved in regulating the firing of neurons.

“We are pleased to obtain Orphan Drug Designation for CAD-1883 in SCA, a progressively debilitating disease for which there are currently no approved treatments,” said Jodie Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of Cadent Therapeutics. “This deeply underserved patient population deserves new therapies, and we look forward to advancing CAD-1883, our therapy that holds great potential for addressing their unmet needs.”

The safety, tolerability and activity of CAD-1883 has already been confirmed in patients with essential tremor (ET), a movement disorder that causes parts of the body to shake uncontrollably. This, according to said Michael Curtis, President and Head of Research and Development ‘sets the foundation for future expansion into other movement disorders’ such as SCA.

Cadent are currently in the process of planning a Phase 2 study evaluating CAD-1883 in patients with SCA the end 2019. View the press releases here and here.

Posted on 28/11/209