This July, Ataxia UK and our Derby Support Group will be running an awareness campaign in Derby and on social media. The ‘Ataxia Fractures Lives’ campaign aims to give voice everyone living in Derbyshire with ataxia, as they take back control over how their condition is perceived.

The campaign kicks off at 2pm on 7 July at the Intu Derby shopping centre,with an awareness stall and a photoshoot with Kerry Bull, a Derbyshire resident and the face of the campaign. Buses will run across the city and wider Derbyshire featuring the Bull family as they demonstrate just how ataxia fractures lives. The campaign peaks with the fantastic annual Belper Games, organised by Kerry and her husband Jim, before finishing on 9 August.
We need to make sure the voices of those people living in Derby who are affected by ataxia are heard loud and clear. Far too often, the symptoms of ataxia are misunderstood and misrepresented. We need to change that and we need your help.
That’s why we’re asking everyone who's online to take to social media and help spread the word about ataxia. This is vital not only to raise awareness and understanding but also to help find and engage new supporters and fundraisers. So please:

Examples for social media posts

With your help, this campaign can make a big difference to the lives of everyone in Derby affected by ataxia. For every post you share, please include these hashtags:#ataxiafractureslives and #Derby. This will ensure that everyone talking about the campaign will be using the same topic tag, helping create a bigger impact!

Over 100 people in #Derbyshire have a rare neurological condition called #ataxia. It affects balance, speech and co-ordination and can even lead to heart failure. #ataxiafractureslives and the voices of those affected have gone unheard for far too long. #talkataxia.

#ataxia is a neurological condition that affects balance, speech and coordination. Only 10% of people in the UK know what ataxia is, and how #ataxiafractureslives. We need you to help spread the word in #Derby. #talkataxia (or #tweetataxia)

#ataxia is a rare neurological condition that affects balance, speech and coordination. People with ataxia are often mistakenly accused of being drunk. Next time you’re not sure in #Derby, #thinkataxia #ataxiafractureslives

90% of the general public have never heard of #ataxia, a rare condition that affects balance, speech and co-ordination. Many people are often accused of being drunk, thrown out of shops and some have even been arrested. Help make #Derby #ataxiaaware

Why not also give the following hashtags a go? 


Thank you for your support! If you want to support us in any other way, or would be interested in helping Ataxia UK raise awareness in general, get in touch with Steph or Adam at [email protected] .