This project has now been completed. Thank you to everyone that donated.

Welcome to our research project on developing a potential treatment for EA-1. Research is the only way we can achieve our mission: to see a world free of ataxia.

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The details


Episodic ataxia (EA-1) is a rare form of ataxia, characterised by short episodes of incoordiantion, slurred speech and twitching of muscles (myokymia). These episodes can occur spontaneously or be triggered by rapid movements, fatigue or anxiety. EA-1 is caused by mutations in a gene coding for a specific potassium channel, which results in a dysfunction and less potassium through the channel. This reduces the activity of nerves in the cerebellum and peripheral nerves, leading to the symptoms experienced by patients. 


There is a need to develop more selective drugs that are safe and more effective for patients. The research team is planning on targeting the opening of the potassium channel by testing the effect of compounds found in tree resins in a cell model system. 


The gain of this project will be to understand the type of drug and mechanism of action that might be useful to EA-1. This could pave the way to developing more selective drugs that target the potassium channel as future potential treatments for people living with EA-1.

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