Support thousands affected by ataxia by donating to our emergency appeal today

Why give to Ataxia UK's emergency appeal?

We are slowly adapting to the changes Covid-19 has caused, but to continue providing services for thousands affected by ataxia we need your help. Due to the cancellation of many major fundraising events, we are expecting a loss of funding that will have a detrimental effect on the future of Ataxia UK's services. But you can change this.

What can my money do?

Right now our goal is to support everyone affected by ataxia throughout this unprecedented time. We are hosting Q&A webinars with ataxia neurologists to keep you updated with the latest information and advice. Each week we host a virtual activity for anyone who wants to spend an hour with others chatting and keeping connected. We're developing new services to boost mental  wellbeing for those affected by ataxia, such as telephone calls and virtual support groups. As well as funding crucial research to search for treatments and cures for all of the ataxias.

Who will I help?

A gift today will help transform the future for thousands of people living with and affected by ataxia. Now is a frightening time for everyone, especially people affected by ataxia. To add to that, ataxia is degenerative and it does not go away. People with ataxia need support now and always. You'll help people like Terry - read his story here.

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