Imagine waking one day and finding yourself unsteady on your feet. You think it will pass, but it doesn’t, it gets worse. You see a doctor, then a specialist who tells you that you have something called Ataxia.

Then you hear that not only is there no cure, but you now face the prospect of your life gradually slipping away, and there is nothing you can do.

This is the reality for 10,000 adults and 2,500 children in the UK who have an ataxia condition. They know their lives are in decline; that they will gradually lose the ability to walk, to write, to coordinate any movement and even to speak. Heart disease, diabetes and other debilitating conditions follow. To make things worse - most ataxias begin in early childhood.

Ataxia UK is the national charity dedicated to helping people affected by ataxia. We have been doing this work for 50 years. In fact, 2015 is our 50th anniversary.

Today, Ataxia UK is closer than ever to making a real breakthrough in ataxia treatment thanks to DNA sequencing and stem cell research.

We are there for people from the traumatic time of first diagnosis, through all the challenges their future holds. We help people in so many different ways - and fund research dedicated to helping to find a cure when funds allow.

With your support, we can continue to provide vital support services to everyone affected by this little-known but devastating condition and fund research with the aim of finding a cure. But we are in real need of funds to make this happen.

This is why we are launching 50-4-50 appeal. We hope you will make a commitment to raise or donate £50 during the year to help us raise our overall target of £50,450 (50-4-50). Should the appeal raise over £50,450 the excess will help to fund our Helpline. Your support will help make a huge difference in bringing renewed hope to people with ataxia throughout the UK – please help.

Of course there are so many ways to fundraise, but here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration...

Cake Sale
Collection Tin in the office
Swear Jar
Quiz Night
Request a donation to Ataxia UK instead of a birthday present