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About Ataxia

About Wobbly TV

Wobbly TV is Ataxia UK's monthly series of ten short videos for people affected by ataxia. We aim to give people a better understanding of ataxia, and to help them discover how to meet some of the challenges it poses. The project was made possible with generous support from The James Tudor Foundation.


Each episode of Wobbly TV includes subtitles. If they do not display automatically, click the 'Captions' icon at the bottom right of the YouTube video player, or find out how you can change your default settings.

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Episode 6: Breaking the silence in Friedreich's ataxia

Recent results published in the Lancet show that vitamin B3 is a promising new potential treatment for FA. Here the results are presented by the study's authors, who also take part in a Q&A.

Find out more about the study

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Episode 5: Ataxia: attack it back!

Our hard-hitting new poster campaign to raise awareness - shot by the world-renowned photographer, Rankin, created by TBWA London and designed by Paul Belford - featured five volunteers who want the world to know what ataxia is.

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Episode 4: What should ataxia care be like?

In this edition, staff from Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital and community Neurological Enablement Service talking about the healthcare that someone with ataxia should expect from their local GP and neurology services. The team also describe the services they provide at their Ataxia UK-accredited Specialist Ataxia Centre.

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Episode 3: When your child has ataxia

This time we meet Anne, whose son has Friedreich's ataxia. We also meet Pauline and her 7-year-old daughter Kirstin, who has cerebellar ataxia.

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Episode 2: Finding out you have ataxia

Meet Tim, Toyah, John and Beryl, talking about their experiences of being diagnosed with ataxia.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Wobbly TV

An introduction to the Wobbly TV project by Sue Millman, featuring clips from future episodes.

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